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Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014
Hakkens accept plea deals in kidnapping of sons
Joshua and Sharyn Hakkens admitted to snatching their young children from the home of her parents in April 2013 after losing custody, then sailed with the boys to Cuba.
Workers on Tuesday began installing the Amalie Arena sign in downtown Tampa. JIM REED/STAFF
Amalie Arena transition complete with new sign
Amazon employee Wizzette Cedrez-Rivas sends the first shipment from Amazon’s new Ruskin warehouse, a Disney “Frozen” doll sent to a customer in New York.
First package shipped from Amazon warehouse in Ruskin
Kansas City’s Husain Abdullah, a devout Muslim, bowed his head and prayed after scoring a touchdown Monday night. He was penalized for excessive celebration. PHOTO FROM VIDEO
NFL: Refs erred in flagging praying Chiefs player


People should put foot on the gas for Greenlight Pinellas

Joe Henderson Pushing a boulder up the side of a mountain would have seemed like a good cardio workout for Sisyphus compared to the effort it takes to get voters to approve a tax increase these days. When that includes funding for something spelled r-a-i-l, well, we talk about something with a more realistic chance of happening — say, an invasion of little green body-snatchers from Mars.

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